Archbald Leblanc
THe EOD gear that Leblanc wears.






Goba Prime




Demolitions expert of Hammerfist

Archibald Leblanc, more often called The Gobian Devil, is male Gobian demolitions expert of the mercenary team Hammerfist.


Two years after Virgil Eyre was born, Archibald Leblanc was raised by a mage and her husband on Goba Prime. When his mother left to teach at the Academy on Kasamar, her husband began to instruct their son on the ways of battle in his late teens. He had a knack for pyrotechnics.

During Graham's War, miss Leblanc was killed by one of the first Inquisitors, her husband committing suicide after getting Archibald into a decent school. Very quickly, he quit and began to work as a demolitions man for construction firms on Goba and Goba Prime.

Quickly, he became bored with his job and quit to become a mercenary explosives expert. He earned the nickname 'The Gobian Devil' soon into this line of work.

He was contacted by Virgil Eyre to help his mercenary team with a mission where they needed ordinance. The Gobian Devil agreed enthusiastically, working to his maximum potential. In the end, Eyre decided to offer Leblanc a permanent spot, and he took it.


During his years with Hammerfist, Leblanc has been in the background, certainly the supporting role for the team. He isn't the most useful asset to Eyre and he acknowledges that. Nonetheless, he provided critical support in some scenarios.

During the final battle of the Shipment War, the Gobian Devil manned the Wicked Knife for the escape flight and proved to be capable of piloting. Back at Kasamar, he was able to train the Kasmari demolitions experts in better use of their tools.