Blaine Montegue
Montegue with longer hair.



Date of Birth

24 PB




Kasmari Rebellion


- Lieutenant (formerly)
- Captain of Arcanium

Captain Blaine Montegue is male Huron commanding officer, formerly executive officer, of the frigate Arcanium after Cullen Archymm's ownership during Shipment War.


Montegue is a cool-headed, calm decision-maker, making him a great candidate for a leader. At the young age of twenty-four when he took his first command under Cullen Archymm, he often took the helm while Archymm accompanied his comrades on the ground and succeeded greatly.

Montegue's intelligent and quiet demeanor earned him the scorn of his classmates and peers. He has been considered by Archymm to be less social than him and one of his comrades put together.


Early LifeEdit

Montegue was born on Kasamar into a ludicrously wealthy family, and lived extremely lavishly. Although he was incredibly lucky, he was moderately aware of other's plights in places like Quaraan.

He was put into the nicest school money could buy, and he continually outsmarted his teachers, especially in military history classes. Finding a startling appetite for tactics and the challenge they presented, he requested that his parents move him into the Kasmari Naval Officer's Academy.

The AcademyEdit

In the academy, Montegue excelled even moreso than he had previously in the already high-standard school. One of his instructors, a Zrillac in the Narudo family taught him personally, making him better and better.

Montegue's teachings in the Academy made him one of the greatest tacticians in his generation, and he was immediately stationed on the Kasmari frigate Arcanium as the executive officer.

Shipment WarEdit

The Arcanium's mission was vital to the war effort in the Borderland Regions and Outer Expanses and keeping the Vuldaks' control in that area weak.

Captain Archymm trusted Montegue with his ship, enough to leave him in charge consistently. Montegue took control for the final battle, holding off the dreadnought Infernal with no advantage whatsoever - except tactics.

Fifth Fleet ServiceEdit

After the Shipment War, Montegue took control of the Arcanium as the captain, a role he might as well have held for months already. He was ordered to fall in behind now-Rear Admiral Cullen Archymm in the newly-christened Fifth Fleet.

In his new position, Montegue was once-again trusted in a leadership role by Archymm. The Rear Admiral ordered him to lead the fleet over Phayboah while he headed down to the planet. Although the Arcanium took a pounding, Montegue survived and continued to command the frigate.