Two Bolvar walking about the small stretch of plain on Phayboah.



First Discovered

Average Lifespan




The Bolvar are a piglike race on Phayboah.





Relatively unknown and native to the plains and Jungles of western Phayboah, the Bolvar. They are a small simple people with a tribal culture and way of life. They typically stand between three and four feet tall though some have been known to grow taller, and they are hated by the Tree Frog tribe who see's them as a threat to their way of life.

The Bolvar are a hunter gatherer type of people with strong emphasis on the individual. Most bolvar live peacefully hunting for food by day and doing as they please in the evening, though many have been known to become angry and warlike. The Snarltooth tribe is one perfect example. Led by Chief snarltooth, these Bolvar often take to raiding other smaller tribes for food and shiny goodies like trinkets and baubles that most Bolvar acquire through trading with the Swimmers.

The Bolvar are simple folk, therefore their technology is severely limited, but there ingenuity is what keeps them alive. They have currently taken no sides in the great war, but the Vuldak have been seen trading with them and giving them access to the outside worlds for many years. The Bolvar are great trackers, and some tribes have helped to weed out some of the Tree Frogs for the Vuldak to ensure their own personal safety.




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