Frank Flaherty
Frank Flaherty, selfless soldier.



Date of Birth

48 PB

Date of Death

1 AB




Kasmari Rebellion


Staff Sergeant

Frank Flaherty was male Wulven leader of the Fifth Kasmari Fleet's strike team during Shipment War.


Frank Flaherty's early life was uneventful. He was born as a 'mongrel', one of the few Wulven who cannot shapeshift. At a young age he was adopted by a Huron foster family who gave him the Huron surname he now carries.

Most of his new family were members of the Rebellion, and he joined with them. He quickly fit in due to his blunt and uncaring nature.

Shipment WarEdit

Flaherty led the strike team under his good friend Cullen Archymm. The first mission was a successful hit where Flaherty's squad, comprised of veterans Virgo Barrat and Tharab Narudo along with numerous raw recruits, destroyed a group of AA cannons in order to allow orbital bombardment.

Flaherty continued to lead successful missions, occassionally sharing a bottle of gin in the captain's quarters with Archymm. The first real challenge came about on Raayl, where he was incapacitated and Tharab was killed.

On Ronir, while leading a search for Project Sigma in Rayvadeen Corporation facilities, Flaherty duelled with mercenary Virgil Eyre and was wounded critically. However, he was able to bandage himself back up, and he returned to the task force for the final attack.

The true test of Flaherty's will and resolve was about to come. He forced himself to come along on the final attack on the dreadnought Infernal, knowing he would be needed in the Shipment War's final moments.

While his friend Archymm was duelling with Major Doyle Hadlee, the Wulven closed in for the kill on the incapacitated DMU. In order to buy Archymm a few much-needed seconds, Flaherty threw himself into his fellow Wulven's clutches, torn to bits. Darian Church and Eyre avenged him by killing Hadlee.


Flaherty was awarded with many medals upon the task force's return to Kasamar; just as many as Virgo Barrat and Tharab. All awards were placed on the Frank Flaherty Memorial, a monument funded and quickly built by newly-promoted Rear Admiral Archymm. The Memorial is not far from the remnants Sawyer Graham's old school, and honors the memory of all those lost in the Shipment War.