Jaeg Mozart


Augmented Huron

Date of Birth

27-25 PB




- Independent (formerly)
- Vuldak Empire


- Mercenary (formerly)
- Vuldak Disruptor

Jaeg Mozart, also known under nickname "Kitchen Fingers", is male Huron former mercenary operating in the Borderland Regions, now Vuldak Disruptor and the brother of Varren Mozart, an Inquisitor killed at the Battle of Bazuur. Because of his brother's death and Cullen Archymm's connection to it, Jaeg became Archymm's archenemy.


Werten Mozart is a merciless warrior, and a good many of his implants were quite literally torn out of the dying bodies of his foes. He is loyal only to money, and no one has heard him say anything nice. Especially Kasmari.


Jaeg Mozart is, unsurprisingly, the late Varen Mozart’s younger brother. However, rather than follow his brother into the military, he decided to go his own path, and left his family in a daring runaway and boarded a pirate ship set for nowhere. Years passed of glorious, gory-ous raids and rewards, and over time, Jaeg began to rot on the inside, going down to levels no man ought to go: such as tearing the mechanical upgrades out of dying men and then replacing his perfectly fine fleshy bits with machinery.

Post BazuurEdit

Nothing significant happened over these years, except Jaeg abandoned the pirate band during a raid gone horribly wrong. He then became a soldier for hire, continuing his sinful ways until he heard about what happened on Bazuur. His brother was dead. It was the first time in twenty years Mozart cried. Since then, he has taken a disliking to Kasmari jobs, except when he can’t find any others that pay good.