A QSF VTOL and bike escort patrol the slums.


3248 Kilometers

Length of Day

28 Hours

Length of Year

400 Days



World Population

100 million


- Quaraanese
- Quaraanese Huron





Unifying Language


Juneau is the name of the moon and daughter colony to Quaraan.

Climate and TerrainEdit

Juneau has been, in the past century, completely covered in cityscape, leaving little in the way of terrain. The climate is colder than the polar ice caps of Quaraan.

Native LifeEdit

Again, the moon had very little native life on it when it was first charted about a year after Quaraan gained it's independence. Several forms of jungle-dwelling creatures existed once, but have been since wiped out.


A few years into the founding of Quaraan and it's independence, Juneau was established after Station Beta and Gamma were finished. Cities were built quickly and the planet became just as deadly as it's mother. The capital city is Calyko.

While the poorest men have extremely nice homes on Quaraan due to the planet's unending abundance of materials plus Stations Gamma and Beta's mining facilities, Juneau is majorly a slum. Save a few wealthy skyrises of those who like being the envy of their neighbors, the planet is filled with ramshackle housing and much less resources.

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