Shadow Broker Terminal
A hologram disguising Krualachu's true identity, often used in meetings.



Date of Birth

32 PB

Date of Death

1 AB







Krualachu, also known as Kru or Lachu, is male Phayboan offworlder-turned smuggler king.


Many myths have come to shroud Lachu, and it's rare that he's seen in person during a deal. The myths paint him to be a devil amongst mortals, snatching children up and selling drugs. This is not the case.

The Phayboan was born off world. The planet was known as Okaer, a small but beautiful garden world. He grew up in the slums,hearing stories of the Kasmari Rebellion and how his extended family served in it.

Okaer, Krualachu's homeworld.

The problem with the myths are that they aren't entirely true. Lachu is a decent man, just in the wrong business. He entered the smuggling ring on Okaer at a young age to feed his family and in the hopes of, one day, earning enough money to travel home and join the Rebellion. The reputation he gained caused his family to be arrested by Vuldaks. His sisters were entered into a form of slavery not unlike Meline Hakaiwan's childhood, his brothers forced onto the frontlines to fight against their own, his mother and father killed on sight while his other relatives were sent into forced labor camps on Phayboah; in a twisted way, they did end up seeing home.

Lachu runs drugs and weapons all throughout the galaxy, gaining himself the reputation which was his family's downfall. He has very powerful connections that have anonymously fed the Kasmari ammo and supplies.

He has finally gone home. Lachu has joined up with Savanto, hoping to fight against the Vuldaks and strike a vital blow.