Okaer, Krualachu's homeworld.


10453 Kilometers

Length of Day

12 Hours

Length of Year

200 Days



World Population

10 billion


N/A (colonists from the Vuldak Empire)



Unifying Language

Galactic Standard

Okaer is a beautiful garden world maimed with corruption. It's well-known for being the homeworld of famed smuggler Krualachu.

Climate and TerrainEdit

Native LifeEdit


Okaer was discovered by the Vuldak Empire long ago, where they established a colony immediately. It blossomed, becoming a trading port and strategic location. The Vuldak navy built several drydocks and shipyards in orbit, building their fleets on the other side of Kasmari territory.

The Kasmari took notice of this, and the 2nd Fleet was sent in to wipe out the shipyards, called the Raid over Okaer.


The raid's success caused serious problems with the colony; wreckage rained down into the cities and the attack overall caused widespread poverty. In the capital city of Raynen, a massive smuggling operation began, spreading across the galaxy from the underworld. Krualachu began his criminal record from here, working first as a runner and working his way up.

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