Quaraan, a hive of scum and villainy.


17325 Kilometers

Length of Day

28 Hours

Length of Year

400 Days



World Population

16.2 billion


Quaraanese (any settlers/colonists are considered such)





Unifying Language

Galactic Standard


  • Juneau
  • Station Gamma
  • Station Beta

Quaraan is a neutral world in Central Space, a planet that has become a safe haven for rogues across the universe.

Climate and TerrainEdit

Native LifeEdit


In 201 PB, a few Hurons went out on an expedition into Central Space to find a colony for the Vuldaks. Eventually, they landed on Quaraan, founding their own colony. The planet has three moons: two are used as defense platforms and are mined for their minerals while the third has it's own colony and population, named Juneau.

The founders decided to cut ties with the Vuldaks, negotiating a release from the Empire in order to be left alone. They reinstated a new, democratic government led by a Prime Chancellor who is aided by a cabinet of important and intelligent figures.

Quaraan's government means well, but its kind is rare. The promise of a free world, one where the law is stretched thin and (because of the Treaty of Quaraan) can't be helped by either Kasmari or Vuldak draws in thugs, criminals and cutthroats from all over the galaxy. The metropolises are infested with back-alley bars and brothels of ill-repute.

Quaraan is one of the best places in the galaxy to go to gather men for a dangerous job, and was indeeed where Jason Littlehorn gathered the founders of his mercenary crew, one of which was born there to a lady of the night and a heavy drinker.

The QSFEdit

The Quaraan Security Force, or QSF, has one of the hardest jobs in the galaxy. The police force valiantly patrols

A pair of QSF VTOLs arrive on patrol for the night.

both Quaraan and Juneau's cities. The force has been described by Lieutenant Keye Endurann as 'worse than a kick to the groin and being hit by a truck - all at once'.

The QSF has bred some of the best warriors in the galaxy from the sheer level of experience they get. Church had a brief stint with them prior to his PMC work.