Over the planet Okaer, 38 PB or Pre-Bazuur, the Vuldaks had numerous shipyards. As Okaer's location was in the Outer Expanses and the surrounding regions were uncontrolled, leaving the option for Kasmari expansion, Vuldak Command issued an order to Major Thomas Makearan to work at full capacity. He began to build a massive fleet above Okaer.

Unbeknownst to the Major, the Kasmari had spies within the workers. Soon enough, they knew of his plans to root the rebellion out of the Outer Expanses and decided it needed to stop.

The Second Kasmari Fleet, under the command of Admiral Calder Cobb, led a major-scale assault on the drydocks. He planned to use the nearby nebulae and

The dogfights around the drydocks.

gas clouds to hide the majority of his forces while the few brave volunteers would start a diversion until Major Makearan's forces were spread.

The Requiem, Tiberius and Lancaster initiated the assault, all cruisers. Their interceptors and fighters engaged with Makearan's, drawing the main firepower away from the drydocks.

As the Requiem fired the opening shots, Cullen Archymm was born, the child of the ship's leaders. The other captains weren't informed until after the raid.

The battle continued, and the Kasmari won. The main forces soon destroyed the drydocks and, after destroying Makearan's flagship, the Second Fleet retreated out of the system, leaving the Vuldaks to lick their wounds and know that they'd lost.

After the raid, wreckage from the stations and shipyards either helped in creating a ring of rubble around the planet or rained down through the atmosphere. The falling debris destroyed numerous settlements and severely injured the economy of the planet overall.

In the wake of this destruction, several small-time businessmen started a smuggling ring, one which quickly spanned the Outer Expanse colonies and eventually the galaxy. Krualachu began his career here.