Senfina lactea'

Welcome to the Senfina Láctea WikiEdit

This Wiki is used as an information HUB based around the SciFi universe that I as well as a few other compatriots are building. Please feel free to edit in your characters from any RP's, short stories, or whatever you'd like under 'fanon' on this page.

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What is Sefina Láctea?Edit

Senfina Lactea is a unique SciFi world with a Fantasy twist. In this universe, there is a blend of technology with the use of magic, and a vast array of powers that are seeking various goals. Whether it is to destroy the magic users, create a better galaxy for themselves, or simply seek to grind out a decent living, there is always something new and exciting happening among the various factions and planets assorted throughout the universe.

While this wiki is small as of now, it will be growing! Keep your eye out for some interesting things!

Latest activityEdit

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