First Discovered


Average Lifespan

50 - 70 Years




Non Endangered


Shamatan appear as many various breed of shark, except they stand on two legs and have the upper body and arms of a human. Their feet and hands are webbed for swimming, and they generally have a relatively medium sized tail, which resembles that of a shark as well. Their eyes appear as horizontal slits on their faces, and they are extremely slim, yet surprisingly strong. Shamatan have a mouth full of razor sharp teeth and a temper to match.



Shamatan didn't make their mark on the world until 1 PB where they suddenly emerged from the seas of Phayboah , possessing a very strange, previously unheard of technology which seemed to run on kelp, and various sea plants. Shamatan had before been noticed as Aquatic people with very little interest in the happenings of the outside world. It wasn't until the Phayboans began to colonize Northern areas of the planet, did the Shamatan make their might apparant, as they opnenly declared war on the Phayboans, and began their crusade to push them out of the Northern part of Phayboah, and hopefully rid them from the galaxy. Thus they joined with the Vuldak army, who sought to enslave the Frog Men of the planet.


Shamatan are a vicious, warlike people, with great drive and ambition. Their techological feats are astonishing, as they have achieved faster space flight than most other "advanced" races. Shamatan are usually angry, have short tempers, and don't like being given orders.


Shamatan worship no one, and see themselves as the dominnt species.


Shamatan usually pledge themselves to one leader, but currently with the species so spread out among the Vuldak ranks, they typically see Emperor Kadlok Drahgan as their leader.


shamatan use very advanced weaponry, often consisting of Laser based projectiles, sharp and light tridents made of extremeley sturdy steel, and especially explosive devices.

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