The Sixth Kasmari Fleet was the fleet of Kasmari Rebellion which was formed to engage the far-away targets. After Mstislav Zakharov joined the Kasmari and was assigned to the fleet, its role was expanded to that of a hunting force of some of the Vuldaks' newest and experimental starships and weapons.

Among its achievements the Sixth Fleet managed to destroy three Sovereign-class battlecruisers, one of the most advanced warships of Vuldak Navy co-developed by Professor Zakharov, and fought in Battle of Beishaze with Third Kasmari Fleet.

Vessels in the FleetEdit

  • Bridgeport - Cruiser, commanded by Captain Deliente. Participated in Battle of Beishaze, where it was damaged beyond repair. Professor Mstislav Zakharov resided there and developed new weapons until fatal injury during the Beishaze battle.

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