Tharab Narudo
Zrillac bust
Tharab Narudo, wise-man and support gunner.



Date of Birth

702 PB




Kasmari Rebellion


Private First Class

Tharab Narudo is male Zrillac support gunner of Staff Sergeant Frank Flaherty's strike team during the Shipment War.


Very little is known about Tharab's early life. No one ever asks him about his history, so he's forgotten most of it after all these years.

Shipment WarEdit

During the Shipment War, Tharab served under Staff Sergeant Flaherty and Cullen Archymm. He helped destroy a series of AA batteries on Wadleigh in their first mission.

Months later, when Archymm discovered about Project Sigma, the strike team went in on a Rayvadeen Facility on Raayl to find the prototype.

Upon entry, no one noticed that they were being watched but Tharab. He caught the barest glimpse of a scope flash from an unknown sniper in the catwalks and moved to tackle Archymm out of the way.

Instead, the shot hit the Zrillac, piercing his lung and killing him slowly and painfully.


Tharab's sacrifice was honored when the task force returned at the end of the Shipment War. He was given many medals and awards, all which were placed on the Frank Flaherty Memorial on Kasamar.