A Thunderskiff with a Huron for size comparison.

Thunderskiffs are rare and valuable craft used by the Kasmari, specifically Fifth Kasmari Fleet. The ships are the brainchild of Gobian tactician Silas Teague.

The design for the Thunderskiffs is quite ingenious. They are a blend between gunships and shuttles. They have a large bay for troops and equipment that can be deployed quickly to the surface and removed from a hot zone just as fast.

The armament is X32 Grayhound autocannons that can switch between 12mm rounds for ground support and 48mm rounds for ship-to-ship engagement. To top it off they are armored with heavy 7-inch composite plating and equipped with FTL drives.

All of this gear slows down Thunderskiffs a bit, however they are fast enough to avoid most larger craft but can be engaged by fighters and interceptors easily.