Ugan was born using "old fashoned" methods, contrary to the usual process of Zrillak reproduction through cloning. His mother and father abandoned him at birth, for resons unknown to Ugan. He was sent in a shuttle as a baby, through space, until found by a much larger ship. The ship was a circus. He was fed and taken care of until the age of seven, when he began performing for the crowds that watched the circus. He learns acrobatics, karate, and used a spear that he could throw generally well. But something made this Zrillak different than the rest. He was smart, talented, and gifted at chess, but his social skills in the circus amounted to that of a clown. Whether at work, making the crowd smile, or in free time, making people stare, he acted and lived strangely. After working at the circus for 21 years, a circus fello who had joined he month before, robbed the circus funds, and blamed it on the mental instability of Ugan. Ugan fled. He had to find another job, and being a mercenary suited his skill set. After going on the mission to Playboah, he decided to leave the surface, but he hopes to keep in touch with the others who were on the team, especially the one that was friendliest o him, Fafinder.