Among the various races, Hurons are the most open and accepting of homosexuality. "Marriages" in Senfina Lactea are referred to as "unions" and are generally between two of the opposite sex, but often between same sexes.

Unification CeremoniesEdit

Unions throughout the galaxy usually include a unification ceremony in which both families and friends are invited to watch and partake in the Unification process of two people. Usually the ceremonies are seen over by a Scribe, who is ordained by a local planetary government to make sure that the ceremony was valid, but in truth just for show.

The scribe after the ceremony gives the couple a Unification License, which is documented proof that the two were Unified, but despite the physical proof (which most hang somewhere in their home) the couple is then entered in the local government database, and granted a series of rights such as lower taxes, rights to free education for their children, and free medical care for the family, though these rights vary from planet to planet, and also differentiate between factions.

Usually the ceremony lasts about fifteen to thirty minutes, and if the couple has the money, a party is held afterwards. These parties are usually lavish and elegant, but it all depends on the couple in question.


Same Sex UnionsEdit

It is biologically impossible for two huron men or two huron women to have children by natural means, but that does not mean that they can't create children. Much like the Zrillac , huron science has come a long way in taking an egg or a sperm cell from either the male or the female and culturing it into a living breathing child.

Most of the time between same sex Unions, both females or males will provide a sperm or an egg each in order to mix their DNA together to create an accurate depiction of what the two's actual children would look like and act. this is the one difference between Zrillac and Huron reproduction, as Zrillac take their own cells and simply play with them to acquire different traits in their cultured offspring.

This process is not looked down on by Hurons, but many different races see it as unnatual and unnerving, such as the Talordons and the Mauriahns of Tehgrush .