Battle SummaryEdit

Upon arriving in the Goba sector, the men and women on the unmarked cruiser commanded by Carlisle , the seventeen year old son of Kadlok Drahgan, were met with a frightening welcome as fifty fully armed Kasmari fighters lingered in wait for the cruiser to appear. How they knew that Carlisle was aboard to this day remains a mystery, but thankfully, the fighters showed up on the Vuldak sensor array, and the twenty Vuldak pilots were able to mount a defense of the cruiser before it was ripped to pieces. Carlisle, showed his true colors that day in what would be known as the "Victory at Goba" among the Vuldak forces.

Taking charge of the large Vuldak cruiser, Carlisle went against all orders from his mother and father to simply evacuate if attacked, and commenced a full scale battle over the frozen planet. With his brother at the controls (for the one thing Jason was truly good at was flying) of the great cruiser, and the rest of the crew manning the guns, Carlisle returned fire. After forty minutes, and what looked like what would be a devastating defeat, the Vuldak lost twelves ships and had only brought down seventeen enemy fighters. Under orders of Carlisle, the ships were ordered to fake an evacuation route, leaving the cruiser vulnerable. Remembering his Zrillac fighting style, Carlisle employed a risky maneuver that would ultimately win him the battle.

He simply let his cruiser lie dormant. When the Kasmari began attacking, Carlisle let his ship take the hits. He knew the Vuldak armors limit, and pushed it until the Kasmari ships became reckless. Suddenly, the Cruiser leapt into action, firing with abandon at the Kasmari fighters that drew too close. In five minutes, the Kasmari forces lost twenty of their own planes leaving only thirteen left. When they turned to retreat, the fighters found themselves in a crossfire between the naval cruiser and the remaining Vuldak fighters. All fifty enemy planes were destroyed or routed on that day.

Battle StatisticsEdit

Kasmari Casualties - 47 killed 3 routed

Vuldak Casualties - 13 killed 0 routed