The Vuldak Defense Development Bureau of Experimental Weaponry, or DDB for short, is scientific department of Vuldak Empire tasked with the development of the strongest weapons for the Empire to win the war with Kasmari Rebellion.

The Head of DDB is currently Doctor Sepp Dietrich.


DDB was always significant element of Vuldak military, and it were their latest inventions which brought Vuldaks many victories, thought all the glory was taken by the military than their creators. At the time Mstislav Zakharov joined the DDB, it was one of the most prolific period of its history, with many great innovations, designs and discoveries.

When in 6 PB Emperor Kadlok Drahgan appointed new director of the DDB young scientist and fanatical follower Sepp Dietrich, the DDB under his direction prospered and overcome its own limits, creating many designs every month, greatly improving and renewing the arsenal of the Vuldak Empire. The combination of Dietrich and Zakharov enabled to make things which were previously unthinkable. The example of this are eliminator weapons, which were previously tried by DDB but after fatal disasters the development was discontinued. The two prodigies were able to effectively create the weapons, giving the Empire a deadly weapon, which, unfortunately, isnt distributed too well for its complexity.

When Zakharov in 4 PB left the DDB out of many disagreements with Dietrich, the development continued with the development of even more refined eliminator weapons as well as all the other weapons, new power-suits, vehicles and starships. On the other side, when Zakharov joined the Kasmari, he was among the prominent figures of the Kasmari program how to engage the advanced inventions of the DDB.

List of InventionsEdit