Uquaian CSP-37 Shadowdart ' The Wicked Knife '
The Wicked Knife in action.


Uquai Shipyards




Light Freighter

The Wicked Knife is the light freighter used by Hammerfist in their journeys as their home base.

Originally the craft of Jason Littlehorn, Darian Church inherited it after Littlehorn betrayed the squad and was subsequently killed. He has since modified it.

The armor is an ultra-thick steel-core alloy, decreasing some of the speed. Church spent a large amount of his salary on upgrading the cannons to X32 Grayhound autocannons. Archibald Leblanc helped acquire the weaponry from a decommissioned Thunderskiff, co-engineering the raid with Church.

During the raid, the two found a Military Artificial Yeoman, or MAY. They took the AI and implanted it into the ship's system to serve as a co-pilot and navigator.

The ship is Church's pride and joy, something he makes quite obvious often. The only living person other than him who's been able to fly it is the Gobian Devil, and the only reason is because of Church's friendship with the explosives expert.